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Jesus WallpaperJesus

26 pictures featuring: Jehovah Jesus; The Good Shepherd; Second Coming.

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.4 . Scenic WallpaperScenic

34 pictures featuring: forest glens and meadows; turbulent waves; calm seas; autumn leaves; and sunsets.

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People WallpaperPeople

20 pictures featuring: friends; children; Victorian angels; and angels singing in Heaven.

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Botanic WallpaperBotanical

27 pictures featuring: rainbows on flowers; ivy climbing walls; roses; daffodils; flower arrangements, and all things botanic.

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Animal WallpaperAnimal

18 pictures featuring: kittens; deer; horses; crustaceans; and owls.

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Texture WallpaperTexture

14 pictures featuring: chocolate; lace; soft rainbows; and shadows.

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Placing God's Word on your desktop.

"His mouth is most sweet: yea,
He is altogether lovely.
This is my Beloved, and this is my Friend,
O daughters of Jerusalem."

Song of Solomon 5:16

Jesus Christ

Katie Stewart
What Saith The Scripture?
The key to your whole Rapture position is faith in the character of God and His Promises to escape ALL the events of the Tribulation Week. Prophecy and study aids for the Tribulation Week, including a Timeline Chart and articles, Bible studies and Promises. Featuring preachers from the past, such as C. G. Finney, C. H. Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, J. A. Wylie, Andrew Murray
, & more.

The following list contains links to the main index sections.

Jehovah Jesus
This section includes an article, "Why Call Him Jehovah Jesus?"

Holy Bible
This section includes Alexander Scourby's Audio Bible, A Commentary of the Book of Revelations by Tom Stewart, and many more Bible-related articles.

Our day-to-day needs have been ordained by God to cause us the necessity of discovering some new aspect of the character of the LORD Jesus that we may lay hold of by means of the Exceeding Great and Precious Promises.

The Spirit of God has PROMISED to reveal to His people the nature of the Tribulation Week events. Features include-- The Big Chart: The Tribulation Week Timeline displayed all at once; and a Topics Index: An in-depth directory of all topics displayed on the The Big Chart, including study links.

Understanding God's purpose and plan for mankind in His judgment upon our world.

Seeking God's opinions and advice, sharing His secrets while enjoying His companionship. True fellowship is centered on Jesus Christ and understanding His Word.

End Time Christian Stories. Edifying scenarios. Christian stories for the last days. Some are prophetic and all are Scriptural. Also featured: "Pilgrim's Progress" written by John Bunyan. Complete with Parts 1 and 2. Both Parts 1 and 2 are annotated with the full text of Bunyan's Scripture references.

Filling our hearts and minds with edification that prepares us for the future here, and glory above.

Voices From Philadelphia
For Christians who desire Strong Meat because they WANT to be like the One Whom they love. Offered are selections from twelve of the great men who lived during this church age period (a time frame from approximately 1700 to 1900 AD), and includes an introduction to this section, with:

    • a short definition of "The Church of Philadelphia"
    • brief biographies of these twelve men
    • quotes from some of their writings, and
    • direct links to their listings

Charles G. Finney
Charles H. Spurgeon
Andrew Murray
Hudson Taylor
D. L. Moody
R. A. Torrey
George Mueller
Jonathan Edwards
John Wesley
E. M. Bounds
Charles Chiniquy
J. A. Wylie

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